Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hoysala heritage

We visited Halebid and Belur a few weeks ago. Halebid has hardly changed in the decade or so since I last visited. The temple is still as breathtaking and the government-run hotel right opposite still as flea-bitten as I remembered it from all those years ago! My only quarrel is with the new lighting in the Hoysalesvara temple, which from a distance, looks like a whole bunch of pigeons roosting on the roof. My favourite place in Halebid still remains the Kedaresvara temple, where nary a soul goes. We spent a magical and very rainy two hours there. I ooh-ed and aah-ed at the sculpture, while the kids had a whale of a time in the little pools that formed as a result of the downpour.

Bennigudda Hill was a new discovery this time around - highly recommended too, for the views, for its serenity and for its rustic feel.

Today's Deccan Herald carries an article I wrote on the lesser-known monuments of Halebid.

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