Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I always thought of Bidar as a hot and dusty, centre-of-remoteness kind of place ...I shudder at my ignorance now. For Bidar is really a must-visit kind of place for any heritage enthusiast, teeming with diverse architectural and cultural remnants that mirror its chequered history.

And there is no better place to start than in its sprawling, huge, grand fort that is full of palaces, halls, wells, underground chambers and other nooks and crannies just asking to be explored.

Check out the massive fort walls and the one-of-a-kind triple moat.

The picture below was taken behind the Gagan Mahal, where you can find exciting underground rooms and passages that seem straight out of Famous Five.

Today's Deccan Herald has an article on Bidar that I wrote recently. A rather nice way to start the new year, I must say - having one of your articles published in the first week of January!


Swami said...

New Year Wishes !!!

A Nice Article on Bidar


Meera said...

Thanks Swami! Have you ever been there?

usha said...

Triple moat and secret passages! can't wait to visit Bidar. hope that's sometime soon, before the place comes crumbling down.
nice coverage, meera!!