Sunday, July 25, 2010

The SECA Kids

A colleague and I led an interesting heritage walk yesterday. We took 35 children from an economically disadvantaged background to Bangalore Fort and Tipu's Palace. The children, aged 6-16, are all part of an English class run by Swagath Education and Community Action, who, of course, do a whole lot more than just teach the children English.

We had taken the same children to Devanahalli last year - 48 of them last time! This time round, the numbers had reduced but their enthusiasm certainly hadn't! At Devanahalli, I had had a constant stream of questions - on guns, cannons, moats, the fort, Tipu, his sons....I was thrilled to see that they remembered so much of all that this time. They drew comparisons between the two forts, they had more questions, and they were bursting with answers and comments too!

At the end of the day, they gave us a card that they had made. The drawing shows Devanahalli Fort. Check out the three cannons on the fort walls, the two guards at the arched gateway, the little lines of soldiers in the foreground....I love it!


narayanan said...

Hi Meera
It is always with trepidation that I approach any blogs.. websites...always worrying when I am about to get a virus... I am clumsy at fixing computer issues! But I got into this (don't quite know how) and am quite impressed at what you are doing...keep it up! you can be pretty proud.

Meera said...

Nothing much to be proud of really, but anyway, gracias, Senor.