Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cannon and fodder at the Battle of Bangalore

It's been a while since I posted here, mainly because I have been travelling a lot. But I couldn't pass up writing about the Battle of Bangalore on its 220th anniversary.
Did you know there was such a battle? Why, our very own fort was at the heart of things then. Bastions and breaches, bullocks and the British, cannon and fodder, bayonets and betrayals: the Battle of Bangalore had all the drama, blood and gore associated with battles. It was a short battle, with the siege lasting only two weeks. But the consequences were pretty far-reaching, or at least I like to think so. After all, capturing Bangalore made the assault on Srirangapatna (and hence the eventual defeat of Tipu) possible. Here's more on the Battle in my article in Deccan Herald.


Olikara said...

Absolutely wonderful ;-)

The Killedar of Bangalore died fighting bravely. He was a noble and gentle man who treated the British prisoners who were in his custody before being despatched to Seringapatam.

The Brits after his death sent a message to Tipu allowing him to take custody of the mortal remains.

Tipu with his usual bravado (and at times, insensitivity) replied that a soldier's resting place is where he falls.

The Brits later buried Bahadur Khan and even raised a small monument over his grave commending him.

Towards the end of the battle Bahadur Khan was wounded and had asked for quarter but he was bayonetted nonetheless.

So much for British gratefulness.

--Nidhin Olikara

Meera said...

Thanks, Nidhin. Been meaning to scour the City Market area to look for Bahadur Khan's grave but I still haven't got around to doing it. Is it still there, do you know?

Olikara said...

I did try searching for it too. But haven't been able to find a trace till now.

I would bet that it may have been razed down sometime in the distant past.

Meera said...


It exists!

Anonymous said...

Dear Meera Sherlock,
Great. I read your article about Bahadur Khan's tomb in DH. Thanks are due to you from all of us Tipu fans out here.

Wonderful work again.

Nidhin Olikara

Meera said...

Sherlock??!! What does that make you? A good version of Moraiarty maybe? But thanks, Nidhin. It was certainly gratifying to see the tomb is still there. I have to revisit the other dargahs there some day...Very interesting stories at each of them.