Thursday, April 19, 2012

Heritage Interpretation

At Hirebenakal
Over the last year, I have been working on a clutch of heritage interpretation projects for the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Some of these were at some megalithic sites in north Karnataka, some at sites that have Ashokan inscriptions, and a recent set that I just finished was in Bhatkal and Mirjan in North Kanara. Here are pictures of some of the signs. Concept, research and writing by yours truly. Illustration and design by two gifted young women, Sneha Prasad and Nikita Jain.

At Hirebenakal

At the Ashokan edict site at Gavimath. That's a portrait of Ashoka there!
At Bhatkal 


Anuradha Shankar said...

Fantastic work!!! Boards like these are what make us understand a place better... wish you could do something for all those places which lack such Heritage interpretation boards!

Meera said...

Thanks, Anuradha! Glad you liked them.

I wish I could do something for all those places too!!

sathish said...

lovely panels. Nice work Meera and Sneha Prasad and Nikita Jain.

I especially love the Khetapai Narayana Temple panel sign.

Meera said...

Thanks, Sathish.

Nidhin Olikara said...

Great work, Meera. You made my day. Just the fact that the ASI wants the signs around the monuments in it's control to be more interactive with the tourists makes me optimistic that all is not lost yet.

What disssapoints is that though our heritage sites receive no less number of visitors than other countries, most of them go around the places like a walk in the park. These sign board will definitely make them stop, read and think!

Well done.